Unlocking Detail

Extra Info/time:

You must enter 15 digit of IMEI numbers on each line.

For eg:
Sprint usa ssn & zip service ( all devices supported 1-3 work days )

- we just need imei to unlock

- handset must be out of contract

- we need 1 to 7 working days

ATTENTION. DO NOT SUBMIT ANY MORE AT&T ! unless u can accept the terms and conditions of unlock.  We will clear the remaining ones.  BUT AT/T policy is if customer doesnt pay bill or they find out phone is / was stolen or still under contract they have the right to RE-LOCK the phones. This has now happened to a number of imeis which we unlocked.  What this mean is ANY ATT (unless clean off contract fully finished code 52)  that it can be relocked any time by ATT. This is not in our hands and therefore cannot be held liable for it. Therefore if you submit AT/T iphone and you get it marked "unlocked"  once phone is UNLOCKED we are not accountable or responsible if phone is relocked... at ANY time.  If you dont accept those terms and conditions then DO NOT SUBMIT .. Thank you and sorry for this terrible news. . as we just found out now.

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